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11 - black on magenta
12 - black on green
13 - black on gold
14 - black on orange
15 - black on blue
Type Plate Notes Reporter
Passenger 360 8160 The current base began issue in January, 1999, replacing all previous bases by the end of March, 2000.
Tom Castelli reports that NH started the new issue with 999 999 and worked back to 100 000, then began up from 100 0000. Jason reports that as NH plates were working down, 5 digit numbers were being assigned in late 2000 and early 2001. Vanity plates with 7 characters were not available until several years after 7 digit passenger plates appeared.
Low: 998 947 Gunther Frostyburger 2014-01-04
Low for 100 0000 series: 100 3103 2014-01-06 Gunther Frostyburger
Larry David
Non-passenger Plates
Agriculture AG9302 Larry David
Ambulance AMB550 Larry David
Antique 17185 Larry David
Apportioned 9729AR The current high was reported in 2013, but the plate had a natural 2010 expiry. Jim Moini
Civil Air Patrol C12 OFFICIAL spelled out diagonally before number. Larry David
Commercial AE8714 Al Matthews
Construction Equipment
Larry David
Department of Health and Human Services P159 OFFICIAL spelled out to the left of the number. Larry David
Department of Labor LA 19 OFFICIAL spelled out diagonally before number. Larry David
Department of Safety S909 OFFICIAL spelled out diagonally before number. Larry David
Environmental Services ES156 OFFICIAL spelled out diagonally before number. Larry David
Farm 7762FA Larry David
Fish and Game Dept. F144 OFFICIAL spelled out diagonally before number. Larry David
Government (Municipal) G25095 A new series for Municipal Police is now in use. These plates are blue on white without the Old Man graphic, and have M/P stacked on the left, followed by two sets of numerals. The first three are an identification of the police authority, which varies from town to town and city to city. The second number is a sequence of vehicle numbers associated with that authority. A small town may have only one vehicle, in which case the plate number would be M/P XXX 1. Larry David
Liquor Commission L23 OFFICIAL spelled out in column to the left of the number. Larry David
Moped 9143A Green on white. Similar to Motorcycle plate.
Tom Castelli
Motorcycle M4306 No longer with embossed border Jay Malette
Motorcycle - Handicapped ISA565 Wheelchair symbol followed by number. Larry David
School Bus SB4381 Larry David
Special Commercial 3220 SPEC COMM, in two columns to left of number. Larry David
State Department of Correction COR75 OFFICIAL spelled out vertically to left of COR. Larry David
State Highway Maintenance H1953 Larry David
State Parks D325 OFFICIAL spelled vertically to left of number. Larry David
State Police 823 Larry David
Street Rod 689 Larry David
Temporary 1400233 Jason Taylor advises that NH issues several types of Temporary plates. The type with red numbers is issued by dealers for use after a sale and is good for 30 days. The type with black numbers is more of a temporary transit plate and has the expiration hand written at the bottom. Both of these types are 6 digit numeric. The third type has a hand written vanity registration and is used while vanity plates are being made.
After years of returning to 000001 after hitting 999999, it appears they have expanded the red Temporary plates to 7 digits now.
There is some possibility that the black number type is now only being issued from the state and town halls, while the red number plates are just from dealers.
Jason Taylor
Trailer T414117 This is the new trailer series that began after TZ 9999. The new plates have the more narrow dies of the 2000 issue. Larry David
University Owned U 1271 This type is issued to vehicles owned by the University of New Hampshire (such as campus busses, university police, maintenance vehicles). Standard pre-2000 base (green-on-white) with no special markings. Tom Castelli
Specialty Plates
Handicapped Veteran 2617 American flag to the left of the number, wheelchair symbol to the right of the number. Sam Farley
Conservation Heritage
Started at C/H1C and went through C/H9999C, then C/H100C0 and up. The letter was always C. The C/H10C00 series was issued through C/H99C99, then the C/H1C000 series was used, followed by the C/H C1000 series. Then the letter changed to H and the C/H1H and up series was issued, then the C/H 100H0 series, and then the C/H10H00 series, and now the C/H1H000 is in use.
Larry David
Moose/State Parks 301A Moose plate with a state park admission sticker to the right of the digits. Started at 100A or 1A, but probably the latter. Larry David
National Guard 1040 Larry David reports a change in the National Guard plate. They used to have green numerals and letters on the white background, with a green colonial soldier to the right of the number, and the base was what was used prior to 2000. The new plate resembles the Veteran plates--blue on white, with red trim, and a colonial soldier in blue to the right of the number, with NATIONAL GUARD over the number. Larry David
Pearl Harbor Survivor 6 Larry David
Prisoner of War 486 Larry David
Purple Heart 2339 Larry David
State Parks 101372 State Parks sticker to the left of the numerals and the Old Man to the right. The numbering probably started at 100000.
From Tom Castelli: Having this specialty plate (issued for an extra $85 annual fee plus $8 one-time application fee) grants free admission for the car's driver and all passengers to any New Hampshire State Park. Also issued in Moose (conservation) variety.
Larry David
Veteran V38888 NEW Probably started at V1. Numbers have been spotted with as few as two digits. Jay Malette
Veteran - Motorcycle V1943 Larry David