New Brunswick License Plates


11 - white on purple

12 - white on green

13 - white on blue

14 - white on red

15 - black on yellow

Standard Passenger Plates


JTD 809
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New design

NB dropped the slogan on the current base at least as early as the JEA series. Plates are now blank at the bottom.

Slight design revisions have been made to New Brunswick passenger and Conservation plates. Andrew Osborne reports that the word Canada has been added, and New and Nouveau are now on each side of the sailing ship. The changes occur around GIY 500 in regular passenger and NBA 000 in Conservation plates.

The newest New Brunswick design appears to have started with the GXA series.

Previous base high: GWZ 846

New base low: GXA 060

No slogan low: JEA 668

- 3 Dec ’18

Non-passenger Plates


AA3 862
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Registration number is now full-size, with ANTIQUE / ANCIEN screened below... no big embossed ANTIQUE anymore.

John Northup - 13 Jul ’08


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New base

Still with slogan

Stéphane Loysel - 15 Aug ’15


CUX 624
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New base

Previous base high: COA 954

New base low: COD 191

No slogan by CRA 928

- 22 Sep ’18


D19 280
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New base

- 19 Aug ’18


F25 841
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New base

- 5 Nov ’18


Report a new high History

New base.

New base low: RJ825

- 26 Nov ’18

Miscellaneous Vehicles

M51 380
Report a new high History

Old base high - M47 800

- 25 Aug ’18


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Y follows the MC format. Mike Franks reports MC 77247 as the highest seen in the MC format.

Change to the new base came between YJG and YJY.

New base low: YJY37

Martin Houle - 12 Sep ’13


PUH 257
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On new base

Old base high: PTF 242

New base low: PTF 410

Darryl Antoniw reports the slogan was gone on the new base by PTO 042.

- 3 Oct ’18


SAE 077
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For vehicles operated only part of the year (between April 1st and October 31st.) A single plate is issued (contrarily to most other plate types, which come in pairs.) Resembles a regular Passenger plate except that it has a red band across the bottom bearing the words "SEASONAL / SAISONNIER". All registrations begin with "S".

- 19 Aug ’18


H24 240
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New base

Taxi plates have the smaller New Brunswick logo with Canada added to the bottom. Changes to logo appear around H16-500. High for this base - H19 777.

- 7 Aug ’18


TSA 176
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New base

New base low: TLH 787

Current high does not have the slogan. Andrew Osborne reports that it was gone at least by the end of the TND series. TND 477 confirmed without slogan.

- 28 Sep ’18


LCE 109
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Truck plates have apparently moved from the L123456 format, ending around L150000, to LAA-000. Also used on transit buses.

L123456 format high: L150720

Former base high - LAR 250

Current base low - LAU 068

No slogan by LBI 686

- 27 Aug ’18

Specialty Plates


NGJ 367
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New base and design. This is the Deer design, which is only available on the new series design.

The Salmon design was produced on the old and new bases. The old base went straight from the NBZ series to NCC, but the NCA and NCB series were on the new design.

Salmon design high: NFL 239

Flower design high: NDD 378

Chickadee design high: NDV 076

Sebastien April spotted NCZ 979. No NDx series have been reported, but NEx is now being issued, so it appears that NDx was skipped.

- 20 Aug ’18


WW 430
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Veteran plates became available on 1 Nov 2003. The plate features a poppy to the left of the alpha/numeric combination.

- 22 Sep ’18