Utah License Plates

The new "Life Elevated" Ski and Arch plates are now in use.

Chad Garner reports seeing a YKX series in the 2007 Arch, which is surprising since it appears Utah doesn't issue plates with X and K next to each other. He also happened to see a BXK plate, as well as a ZXK plate. He has confirmed that these series have been issued, but other XK and KX combinations have not. So, the AKX, AXK, and BKX series in the New Ski plate weren't issued, but CKX was issued. In the New Arch plate, the ZKX series was skipped. Utah began issuing plates with X and K next to each other most likely between June and August of 2010. The BK series skipped BKX, and that series was issued in about May of 2010. The ZX series was issued just a few months later, and this series did issue ZXK.


11 - white on green

12 - white on red

13 - white on blue

14 - black on yellow

15 - white on green

16 - white on red

17 - white on blue

Standard Passenger Plates

2007 Series - Skier

F66 2HM
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This is the new version of the Ski plate with the Life Elevated slogan. Ken Reager spotted the 6th plate of this series, A00 6AA.

From Chad Garner: Apparently Utah has stopped issuing plates with any "FC" or "FK" endings. Not sure why, unless it's not supposed to be issued because it looks like a bad word. Again, I'm not sure. They did issue AFC, AFK, BFC, BFK, ZFC, and ZFK. They did not issue YFC (though I'm SURE I've seen a YFC), YFK, CFC, or CFK. I'm assuming this to be the case because Salt Lake County was issued CFH, CFJ, and CFL--without being issued CFK. I was confused as to why they would skip CFK, but this makes sense now.

Chad Garner - 8 Apr ’18

1986 Series

996 PMV
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Utah is no longer using county stickers. Tony Burdett reports that county stickers still appeared on the LXx series plates, but not on the LZx series. No LYx series have been seen yet. The screened CY designation on the plates for sticker location was dropped between MGN and MMY.

On the Arch plates, the XXx series had county stickers, but none of the Wxx series have them. May 2002 seems to have been the approximate time that county stickers ended.

It appears that 999 PMV was likely the last plate of this issue.

Chad Garner - 27 Jan ’16

1996 Centennial

017 UYL
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Each leading letter goes backwards (after XZZ comes WAA, then VAA, now UAA)

Chad Garner - 27 Jan ’16

2007 Series - Delicate Arch new

V92 3AV
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Each leading letter goes backwards, same as the original Arch plates, but the progression within the series is forward. Therefore, the first plate of the series was Z00 1AA, working forward to Z99 9ZZ, then the Y series followed starting at Y00 1AA, working forward to the current high.

Low: Z82-2AA

Johnathan Baker - 18 Apr ’18

Non-passenger Plates


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Handicap plates are now issued on the new "Life Elevated" Ski base.

Chad Garner reports Handicap plate ZG68B on the 2007 Arch plate on 2015-09-17.

Johnathan Baker - 29 Nov ’14

Highway Patrol

UHP 585
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UHP logo is between prefix and suffix.

John Northup - 17 Mar ’18

Motorcycle - Arch

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This is the new Arch plate.

Chad Garner - 8 Sep ’15

Motorcycle - Ski

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This is the new Ski plate.

Chad Garner - 22 Sep ’15


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Life Elevated base

Willie C. Brock, Jr. - 8 Apr ’15


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Utah trailer plates are now issued on the "Life Elevated" base with seven digits. The Ski base ends with A. The Arch base ends with Z.

Arch high - 094713Z

09657 R is the high for the original Ski base.

Willie C. Brock, Jr. - 7 Aug ’14

Specialty Plates

Medal of Honor

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This is a low and a high since only one has ever been issued in Utah. The recipient was George Wahlen.

Justin Beus - 19 Feb ’10


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Olympics plates not issued after 30 June 2002.

Low: 523A4

Gunther Frostyburger - 1 Aug ’14


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All Specials (including Antique, Handicap, Military, Pets, Wildlife, Universities) use the same A123A sequential format on the new "Life Elevated" plate, so there is only one high for Specials.

The original format on the former base was 1234A with a high of 4285U.

Seen on Plateshack Y2K

John Northup - 31 Jan ’18