Saskatchewan License Plates

Front plates no longer issued/required after 7-1-04. High pair 133 EAT from Derek Jaworski.

PV class eliminated on 2005-07-01 and no longer screened on pass. plates and white decals were issued to cover the PV on older plates. The cutoff point between screened "PV" and plain corner plates was between 748 ESX and 897 ESX.

Black on white "Perpetual Trailer" sticker issued to trailers electing to pay a one-time fee of $100 instead of an annual fee. This option became available in 2005. See SGI website for fee options.

Signal Industries produced aluminum plate starting in 2009 using former South Dakota dies (smaller numbers and characteristic open 4s). The changeover was between 704 GXZ (steel plate, '77 dies) and 264 GYA (aluminum plate, SD dies). These plates were the first to drop the sticker indentation in lower left corner and also started to use the letters I, Q, U and V. Leading zeros, not previously used are now being used in regular series.

Waldale took over production starting at HUZ/HVA cutoff. These plates feature much tighter radius corners and first appeared in late 2010/early 2011.

Black on white "Continuous Term" sticker started to appear (for most types) in 2010 under the new "Auto Pay" program detailed on the SGI website. These stickers are issued in place of annual dated stickers to motorists who pay for their insurance and registration in monthly installments by pre-authorized bank debit.

Updated information from the SGI site:

Saskatchewan vehicle owners will, as of Nov. 5, 2012, have the ability to choose from a wider variety of licence plate slogans for personalized licence plates, as recent system upgrades will allow SGI to expand the maximum number of digits from six to seven. Veteran plates, Rider plates, motorcycle and snowmobile plates will continue to be a maximum of five characters due to limits on the space available to display the licence plate number. In addition, SGI will be reissuing slogans that have been inactive for five years or longer. Customers who previously registered these particular slogans will have the choice to reactivate the licence plate slogan before it is made available to other vehicle owners. “Previously, it was difficult and costly for SGI's system to separate vehicle history from the specific licence plate,” Harpauer said, “which made it impractical to reissue previously used slogans.”

There are currently more than 30,000 personalized licence plates in Saskatchewan. For 2012, SGI expects to issue around 5,200 personalized licence plates, an estimated eight per cent increase over 2011.


11 - blue on white

12 - red on white

13 - green on white

Stickers for expiration date and vehicle class are being eliminated. November 2013 will be the last dated sticker issued. Blank stickers will be issued to cover older dated stickers. The only sticker that will be used now is "Apportioned" for IRP vehicles.

Standard Passenger Plates


303 LAL
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Spotted in Moose Jaw

Newer plates have the current South Dakota type dies with smaller numbers and open 4s. The changeover was between 704 GXZ and 264 GYA.

PV class was eliminated on 2005-07-01 and is no longer screened on pass. plates and white decals were issued to cover the PV on older plates. The cutoff point between PV and plain plates was between 748 ESX and 897 ESX. The high for pairs is 133 EAT from Derek Jaworski.

3M VST threads hologram appeared on plates between FYR and GBD, then SK reverted to old holograms again by GLJ. Andrew Osborne reports a GNZ with the new VST threads, so there was probably some more random switching back and forth. FWH, FWJ, FYF, FYR old; FZC new; FZH old; FZR new; GAC new; GAG, GAH, GAN, GBA old; GBH and up new.

Dan reports in Mar. 2010 that plates no longer have a sticker indentation in lower left.

Saskatchewan changed to Waldale plates around the HVW series.

Rod Gough - 3 Jun ’18

Non-passenger Plates

Disabled Driver

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Ryan Dudragne - 30 Apr ’08


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New design for the smaller plates. Now has the whole word "Saskatchewan" in the same font as the larger plates. New design starts somewhere in the Jx series.

Martin Houle - 12 Apr ’15

Specialty Plates

Consular Corps

CC 141
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This was a mint plate, but the actual high is higher than the current shown.

Martin Houle - 18 Jan ’15


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Green on white with PRIDE LIVES HERE at the bottom. Team logo to left of registration numbers.

An optional plate supporting the Saskatchewan Roughriders and honouring their 100th anniversary became available on May 19, 2010. Regular series plates are in R1234 format and personalized plates with up to 5 characters are also available. The team logo appears to the left of the registration characters. First run of plates exhausted in fall 2010 and followed by 1R234 format. The initial batch of plates was made by Signal Industries with ex-SD dies and Waldale production took over in the 4R123 range. Thanks go to Manny Jacob for this information.

Low: R002 spotted by Blaine Yatabe in June 2012.

As of Oct. 1, 2012 Rider plates are now available for Motorcycles and Snowmobiles.

Motorcycle high: R021 2012-11-18 Dan Purschke

Roughrider plates may be personalized.

Martin Houle - 4 Dec ’15

Roughriders - Vintage

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This is another version of the Roughriders plate. The original version is still available.

The Vintage plate is the reverse colors (white on green) of the original, with RIDER NATION at the bottom. Vintage team logo to the left of the registration numbers. This version of the Roughriders plate may also be personalized.

Martin Houle - 31 Oct ’15

Support Our Troops

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Dan Purschke - 24 Nov ’15


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First issued February 2005.

As of Oct. 1, 2012 Veteran plates are now available for Motorcycles and Snowmobiles.

Martin Houle - 1 Sep ’13