The High RoadJohn Northup (#3547) and Kit Sage (#1689)

Shown here are the highest license plate numbers observed from most states and provinces, contributed by hobbyists who research and collect license plates from around North America and beyond. “The High Road” is featured in each issue of PLATES Magazine. Send your sightings, or other license plate news, to Red outlines indicate updates needed.


Delaware, Indiana and Rhode Island issue numbers randomly or recycle old numbers continually, resulting in non-sequential issuance; therefore, no progressive “high.”

Alabama, Hawaii, Idaho, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wyoming issue plates by a county code system, so the most populous county's high is shown.

Massachusetts, Missouri and West Virginia issue plates by a month code system, so the latest month of the year issued is shown, usually December.

Thanks to today’s spotters...

Johnathan Baker, Jay Maynard, John Rotella, Daniel Savage, Simon Einspahr, Connell Lindh, Ed Richter, Jordan Irazabal, Craig Powers, Ed Angiolillo, Ian Thompson, Mike Gallop, Derreck Cole, Keith Dickson, Chad Garner, Jim Sadler, Adriaan Bergink, Wally Punzmann, Charles Humphrey, Ted Curran, Larry David, Andrew Osborne, Kyle Wasson, Michael G. Koerner, Jason Slade, Cam McPhee, Darryl Antoniw, David Royer, Francis Lapeyre, Eric Laberge, Sam Mazmanian, John Royle, Brian Thayer, Tiger Joe, Raheem Aziz, Dave Hanlon, Michael Smith, Brent Kirchner, John Farkas, Phillip Mendoza, Dave Edmonson, Bruno Vernhes, Corb Moister Jr. , Geoff Gould, Steve Hill, Joshua Fickett, Walter Pilley, Brad Gallagher, Michael Flatto and Kit Sage.

How about you?

Send your sightings, or other license plate news, to