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The High Road

Shown here are the highest license plate numbers observed from most states and provinces, contributed by hobbyists who research and collect license plates from around North America and beyond. “The High Road” is also featured in each issue of Plates Magazine, published by ALPCA.


  1. Regulars to this page will note some changes. We've been tracking over three thousand different plate series across North America, and we're going to scale that back and remove some that only receive infrequent updates. We're also working on a new responsive layout, as well as overall streamlining and freshening of the user experience.
  2. Indiana issues alpha prefixes at random, so the concept of a "high" really doesn't translate.
  3. Alabama, Idaho, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wyoming plates are county-coded, so there is no concept of a statewide "high." For these states, we show the high from the most populous county.
  4. Massachusetts, Missouri and West Virginia plates are coded to the expiration month, so we're not really sure what to do with them.

Thanks to today’s spotters...

Walter Pilley, Lance Tock, Tom Castelli, Dave Edmondson, Jeff Fortier, Bruno Vernhes, Keith Dickson, Corb Moister Jr. , Charles Humphrey, Andrew Osborne, Jordan Irazabal, T.D. Goodman, Charlie Li, Brent Kirchner, Kevin Gallagher, Michael Flatto, Cam McPhee, Jesse Wodstrchill, Johnathan Baker, Michael Smith, John Vann, Neal Evenhuis, Phillip Mendoza, Darryl Antoniw, Bradley Gallagher, David Royer, Reid Bowser, Christian Ponce, Ernie MacAulay, Chad Garner, Derreck Cole, Eric Jones, Ted Curran, Jesus Alexis Valentin, Jay Maynard, Joshua Fickett, Larry David, Chris Buonanno, Rick Trapp, Wally Punzmann, Nate Dee, Paul Breland, Steve Hill, Jérémie Jean, Andy DeCeunynck, Willie C. Brock Jr. , Johnnaston Kimble, Calvin Baganz and Kit Sage.

How about you?

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